At CCRi, our clients look to us to solve their hardest problems, and we have a long history of exceeding their expectations.

With clients ranging from the private sector to the government, we provide a variety of advanced analytical techniques, and we render our solutions in software that our clients can apply immediately. Whether you conduct marketing intelligence or track criminal gangs, CCRi can help you break through your constraints.

With projects ranging from optimizing the world’s largest container port to predicting future asymmetric warfare events, CCRi has no shortage of experience in diverse client expectations. As a small company, we are able to adjust our process to the requirements of each client. In addition, over the last 30 years CCRi has developed a number of reliable techniques that enable us to take on projects with tight deadlines and deliver results efficiently and effectively.

  • Create Meaningful Solutions
    Create Meaningful Solutions

    Focus on the customer’s mission
    Question the default
    Always a better way

  • Doing it Together
    Doing it Together

    Inclusive culture
    Play as a team

  • Doing it Well
    Doing it Well

    Challenge yourself
    Technical curiosity

  • Idea Meritocracy
    Idea Meritocracy

    Ideas can come from anyone
    Ideas have an advocate
    Demonstrate value
    Ideas compete and evolve

Our culture & people

Our diverse team, naturally has a wide-ranging set of interests – in past winters our holiday gift experiment has produced a 3D printer, Vive, food smoker and kegerator for the homebrew crew. We have a number of bikers who enjoy the indoor storage, maintenance area and available shower.