It’s not a moment, it’s a movement.

Dear Members of the CCRi Team and the Charlottesville Community,

I write to assure you  that the leadership of CCRi stands in full support of all of those who  are outraged, appalled, and sickened by the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. Sadly Mr. Floyd’s death is just one of many suffered by Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement officers that dates back to the very beginnings of our country. We cannot wait any longer to correct this systemic racism and societally condoned hostility against Black Americans. 

As a company we at CCRi strive for excellence through inclusiveness. Now is the time for us to double down on this aim and work together to increase our understanding of systemic racism and the effective ways in which we can combat it. As a company we must become even more active and aware of our role in creating a just and equitable place to work and community in which to live. 

As many who are marching and protesting have shown, words are not enough. We must take concrete actions and make them sustainable. I ask you think hard about what we as a company can do to eliminate systemic racism and promote equality and justice. An excellent example of this is the work that Malcolm MacLachlan is doing to map the Black Lives Matter protests and connect those locations with verified media reports in order provide information to others interested in joining demonstrations in support of justice and equality. One of the many nice features of this example is the use of technologies in which we at CCRi excel. I encourage you to think of other projects like this that leverage our special skills and abilities, but I also want you to think broadly about antiracist action. In addition to web pages and apps, you may suggest good projects working with elementary and middle school children in STEM, mentoring undergraduate students who want to pursue graduate studies in science and engineering, and coaching people who are thinking of changing careers to something more technical.  

Charlottesville, I look forward to hearing how we as a company and part of the community we all so deeply cherish- can be a part of the change which must occur. CCRi stands with Black Americans and CCRi stands with the community of Charlottesville.

Thanks in advance for your support of these actions,


Donald E. Brown
Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc. (CCRi)
1440 Sachem Pl.
Charlottesville, VA 22901